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Describe tested application and test platform.

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diff --git a/main.tex b/main.tex @@ -5,6 +5,7 @@ \usepackage{amsmath} %\usepackage{fixltx2e} \usepackage{url} +\usepackage{booktabs} %\hyphenation{op-tical net-works semi-conduc-tor} diff --git a/src/body.tex b/src/body.tex @@ -170,6 +170,42 @@ gap. \section{Evaluation} +Proposed node failure handling approach was evaluated on the example of +real-world application. The application generates ocean wavy surface in +parallel with speficied frequency-directional spectrum. There are two +sequential steps in the programme. The first step is to compute model +coefficients by solving system of linear algebraic equations. The system is +solved in parallel on all cores of the principal node. The second step is to +generate wavy surface, parts of which are generated in parallel on all cluster +nodes including the principal one. All generated parts are written in parallel +to individual files. So, from computational point of view the programme is +embarassingly parallel with little synchronisation between concurrent +processes. + +All exprements were run on physical computer cluster consisting of 12 nodes. +Wavy ocean surface parts were written to local file system to eliminate +overhead of parallel writing to NFS from the total application performance. +The input data was read from Network file system (NFS) mounted on each node, as +it is much smaller in size than the output data and does not cause big +overhead. Platform configuration is presented in +Table~\ref{tab:platform-configuration}. + +\begin{table} + \centering + \caption{Test platform configuration.\label{tab:platform-configuration}} + \begin{tabular}{ll} + \toprule + CPU & Intel Xeon E5440, 2.83GHz \\ + RAM & 4Gb \\ + HDD & ST3250310NS, 7200rpm \\ + No. of nodes & 12 \\ + No. of CPU cores per node & 8 \\ + \bottomrule + \end{tabular} +\end{table} + + + \section{Discussion} % Brainstorming results (various random thoughts).