NameDescriptionOwnerLast commit
grid-21-mpiVerifiable Application-Level Checkpoint and Restart Framework for Parallel ComputingIvan Gankevich2021-05-31 15:09
iccsa-21-guileFunctional Programming Interface for Parallel and Distributed ComputingIvan Gankevich2021-09-12 20:58
iccsa-21-windWind Simulation Using High-Frequency Velocity Component MeasurementsIvan Gankevich2022-01-01 19:10
iccsa-20-wavesVirtual Testbed: Simulation of Ocean Wave Reflection from the Ship HullIvan Gankevich2020-07-18 09:13
iccsa-20-windVirtual Testbed: Simulation of Air Flow Around Ship Hull and Its Effect on Ship MotionsIvan Gankevich2020-07-18 09:14
iccsa-19-vesselVessel: Efficient Plain Text File Format for Ship Hull GeometryIvan Gankevich2020-05-18 14:41
iccsa-19-vtestbedVirtual Testbed: Ship Motion Simulation for Personal WorkstationsIvan Gankevich2020-05-18 14:32
mmcp-19-gerstnerComputational Model of Unsteady Hydromechanics of Large Amplitude Gerstner WavesIvan Gankevich2019-11-18 08:39
hpcs-17-collectorUsing Virtualisation for Reproducible Research and Code PortabilityIvan Gankevich2017-05-20 07:20
hpcs-17-subordSubordination: Providing Resilience to Simultaneous Failure of Multiple Cluster NodesIvan Gankevich2019-12-11 11:56
iccsa-17-aschedulerDistributed Data Processing on Microcomputers with Ascheduler and Apache SparkIvan Gankevich2021-12-26 17:43
iccsa-17-gpulabAcceleration of Computing and Visualization Processes with OpenCL for Standing Sea Wave Simulation ModelIvan Gankevich2021-12-26 17:41
cps-16-micУскорение обучения глубокой нейронной сети путем оптимизации алгоритма для запуска на MIC архитектуреIvan Gankevich2018-06-29 18:10
hpcs-16-factoryFactory: Non-stop batch jobs without checkpointingIvan Gankevich2017-01-24 08:16
hpcs-16-mic-v2Speedup of deep neural network learning on the MIC-architectureIvan Gankevich2016-12-10 13:55
iccsa-16-factoryFactory: Master Node High-Availability for Big Data Applications and BeyondIvan Gankevich2019-12-11 09:25
iccsa-16-factory-extendedMaster node fault tolerance in distributed big data processing clustersIvan Gankevich2017-08-17 08:21
tcs-16-balanceBalancing Load on a Multiprocessor System with Event-Driven ApproachIvan Gankevich2016-08-20 18:17
waves-16-armaSimulation of Standing and Propagating Sea Waves with Three-Dimensional ARMA ModelIvan Gankevich2021-12-26 20:29
csit-15-vsc-expExperience in building virtual private supercomputerIvan Gankevich2016-08-10 20:09
hpcs-15-subordSubordination: Cluster management without distributed consensusIvan Gankevich2018-06-29 18:17
iccsa-15-novel-apprNovel Approaches for Distributing Workload on Commodity Computer SystemsIvan Gankevich2016-08-10 20:09
cps-14-load-balanceМетоды распределения нагрузки на многопроцессорную системуIvan Gankevich2018-06-29 18:21
grid-14-dist-pipelineEfficient processing and classification of wave energy spectrum data with a distributed pipelineIvan Gankevich2016-08-20 18:46
grid-14-virt-clustersApplications of on-demand virtual clusters to high performance computingIvan Gankevich2018-06-29 18:15
arma-thesisSimulation modelling of irregular waves for marine object dynamics programmesIvan Gankevich2018-06-26 08:42