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Initial version of the abstract.

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diff --git a/arma.org b/arma.org @@ -0,0 +1,23 @@ +#+TITLE: Simulation of standing and propagating ocean waves with three-dimensional ARMA model +#+AUTHOR: Ivan Gankevich, Alexander Degtyarev +#+LANGUAGE: en +#+LATEX_CLASS: scrartcl +#+LATEX_CLASS_OPTIONS: +#+OPTIONS: H:2 num:0 todo:nil toc:nil +#+STARTUP: indent + +#+begin_abstract +Simulation of ocean waves is a problem appearing in the framework of developing +software-based ship motion modelling applications. These applications generally +use linear wave theory to generate small-amplitude waves programmatically and +determine impact of external excitations on the ship. Using linear wave theory +is feasible for ocean waves, but is not accurate for shallow-water and storm +waves. In this paper we introduce new autoregressive moving-average (ARMA) model +to cope these shortcomings. The new model allows generating waves of arbitrary +amplitudes, is accurate for both shallow and deep water, and its software +implementation shows superior performance by relying on fast Fourier transform +family of algorithms. Integral characteristics of wavy surface produced by ARMA +model are verified against the ones of real ocean surface. Despite all its +advatages, ARMA model requires a new method to determine wave pressures, a +two-dimensional version of which is included in the paper. +#+end_abstract