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diff --git a/src/tail.tex b/src/tail.tex @@ -51,7 +51,20 @@ kernels upon a failure. \section{Conclusion} +In the paper we propose a system architecture consisting of two tree +hierarchies of entitites, mapped on each other, that simplifies provision of +resilience to failures for parallel programmes. The resilience is solely +provided by the use of hierarchical dependencies between entitites, and is +independent on each layer of the system. To optimise handling failure of +multiple cluster nodes, we use the hierarchy implied by the order of creation +of subordinate entitities. The hierarchical approach to fault tolerance is +efficient, scales to a large number of cluster nodes, and requires slow I/O +operations only for the most disastrous scenario~--- simultaneous failure of +all cluster nodes. +The future work is to standardase application programming interface of the +system and investigate load-balancing techniques, which are optimal for a +programme composed of many computational kernels. \section*{Acknowledgment} The research was carried out using computational resources of Resource Centre