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Add results from brainstorm session.

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diff --git a/src/body.tex b/src/body.tex @@ -0,0 +1,29 @@ +\section{Failure scenarios} + +% Brainstorming results. + +There are two scenarios of failures. Failure of more than one node at a time +and electricity outage. In the first scenario failure is handled by sending a +list previous ip addresses to the subsequent kernels in the batch. Then if +subordinate node and its master fail simultaneously, the surviving subordinate +nodes scan all of the ip addresses they received until they find alive node and +parent is revived on this node. + +We believe that kernel coordinates and inter dependecies is enough to mitigate +any type of failure: given that at least one node survives, all applications +continue their ececution in possibly degraded state. However it requires +duplicating all parents in the hierarchy on the subordinate node. + +Only electricity outage requires writing data to disk other failures can be +mitigated by duplicating kernels in memory. + +The only purpose of kernel hierarchy is to provide fail over for kernels. The +only purpose of daemon heirarchy is to provide load balancing and automatically +reconfigurable topology and to reduce the number of sinultaneous connections. +This topology reduces the number of simultaneous connections, thus preventing +network overload. This topology is used to distribute the load from the current +node to its neighbours by simply iterating over all directly connected daemons. + +Transmitting ip addresses of previous nodes is an optimisation over mapping to +only linear hierarchies, that is hierarchies where only one subordinate is +allowed at any given point of time.